Best Horse Racing Betting Sites

The top horse racing betting websites for 2023 are listed below. Whether you’re interested in wagering on the Grand National, the Kentucky Derby, or any other horse race, the sportsbooks listed below provide a superior horse betting experience.



Our team of industry professionals has examined the market to determine the ten most popular horse racing betting sites. However, we have you covered if you are just beginning. Read on for our comprehensive horse racing betting guide, which covers the various wagers that may be placed, as well as betting strategy advice and a list of the most lucrative horse racing events.

Types of Bets Common in Horse Racing


Understanding the most common wagers is necessary for success in horse racing betting. Below you will discover an explanation of the most common horse racing wagers and a synopsis of how the odds are calculated for each.

What is a “win” wager?


A win wager is a stake on a horse to win the race in its entirety. The horse must finish first for this wager to be successful. This is by far the simplest wager to make when betting on horse racing. If you are new to horse racing betting and want to have a feel for it, we recommend placing a win wager.


Best Horse Racing Wagering Techniques

In horse racing wagering, you must have a solid plan to support your wagers. Despite the fact that no technique can ensure a win, there are a number of well-known strategies to consider. Take a look at our top three recommendations for horse racing betting ideas.


1 Rely on the Most Popular Technique

The term “beaten favorites” refers to horses that, at some point in their lives, failed to meet market expectations. However, the fact that they have previously disappointed does not imply that they will continue to do so. A defeated favorite that drops in class or grade for an easier race has a good chance of regaining its form. If you are willing to give a defeated horse the benefit of the doubt when betting, you may be rewarded with higher odds the next time you back it in horse racing. It may be beneficial to overlook a single defeat, but be careful to examine the remainder of a racehorse’s record to ensure that this is not a pattern.


2 Adopt the Winning Methodology

A horse in form is one that has won consecutive races. A notion exists that it will continue to win at the track due to its momentum. Checking racecards for horses with a large number of ones next to their names is always worthwhile. Even the greatest horse racing betting websites will have seen this. When pricing up, a bookmaker will likely give a winning horse short odds, resulting in a smaller payoff. Although backing an unbeaten winner may not yield the highest return, it remains a popular betting strategy.


3 Dutching Wagering System

It is acceptable to hedge your bets and wager on many horses in the same race, especially if the field is vast or the competition is fierce. It is known as “Dutching” when a wager is placed on two or more horses. The theory is that covering many possibilities will result in a net profit regardless of which horse is backed. You may keep Dutching simple by wagering the same amount on two or more horses, or you can alter your wager in accordance with the current odds. Being able to determine an equivalent profit based on the pricing of your choices requires a solid grasp of mathematics. There are Dutching calculators available online that can help you determine your wager.


Tips for Betting on Horseracing

Aside from having a plan in place, there are a few factors that must always be taken into account while betting on horse races. For the greatest free horse racing betting advice, go no further than the compilation provided here.


Analyze a horse’s shape

Prior to make a wager, it is vital to analyze the form. Checking prior form data on an online racecard is the most efficient method for doing so. Obtaining information such as whether a horse has previously won at a certain track can make a significant difference in forecasting the outcome. In addition, it might be good to judge your own form by re-watching past races.


Analyze a horse’s shape

Include the jockey.

Have you ever given thought to the significance of the rider? The jockey can improve or hinder a horse’s prospects. You can determine jockeys’ recent performance by examining their statistics from the past two weeks. This indicates whether or not they are in good shape in the saddle. When analyzing the historical performances of horses, you may also determine who rode them. If there is proof that a horse only performs well when ridden by a specific jockey, then this might be a cause to wager.


Include the jockey.

Comparison shop for odds

Comparison of odds is vital for maximizing a wager. Top betting sites typically give comparable odds, but it is always worthwhile to search around for the best deal. Leading British and Irish bookmakers will also provide incentives with best odds guaranteed. Best odds guaranteed implies that if you accept a price and the starting price (SP) is higher, your wager will be settled at the higher odds. One piece of advice from us is to verify the availability of best odds guaranteed offers to ensure that your stake is covered.


Comparison shop for odds

Manage your bankroll

When betting on any sport, including horse racing, you should never wager more than you can afford to lose. Managing your account balance by setting and adhering to restrictions is an excellent method to gamble sensibly. Betting on horses is one of the most challenging sports, particularly in the most competitive events when arguments may be made for several competitors. This makes sticking to a budget even more crucial. Always wager according to the nature and difficulty of the race, and never pursue losses.


Manage your bankroll

Jumps versus Flat Racing Tactics

Jumps versus flat, which is the better wager? The answer ultimately depends on personal choice, but there are important distinctions to note between them. We’ve included some considerations about leaps versus flat terrain.


Different Weights

The weight of a horse has an evident influence on its speed. Flat races are primarily on speed, hence the weight carried by these horses is frequently far less than that of horses racing over jumps. This is due to the fact that steeplechases emphasize strength, stamina, and endurance. If you doubt a racehorse’s ability to bear its weight and win, you should avoid betting on it.


Different Distances

The distance between jumps and flat races might vary greatly. The smallest flat race can be just one thousand meters (five furlongs), whereas the longest jump races, such as the Grand National, can be up to four miles and three furlongs (6,900m). Therefore, it is crucial to ensure that the horse you select is fit for the type of race.


Duration of Careers

Unless they are outstanding, flat-racing horses have substantially shorter careers than jumpers. Flat horses often begin racing in the spring of their second year and tend to run for just two or three years. Jump horses, on the other hand, do not begin racing until at least the middle of their third year and can continue racing into their teenage years. This implies there is far less form information to consider before a flat race.


Traverse Conditions

The surface of the track has a significant influence on the prospects of a racehorse. Those who compete on the level favor sounder grounds and decent ground, which are necessary for speed. Jumping horses, on the other hand, must land on softer ground after clearing hurdles. Only a flexible and skilled horse can perform well in all conditions. Before putting a wager on a horse race, it is crucial to comprehend the track condition, as it might have a direct effect on the performance.


Beginning Positions

A strong beginning might be the difference between victory and defeat. There are starting stalls or gates with a degree of draw bias for flat races, depending on the location of the horse. A refreshing escape from the booths is also essential. Especially in sprint events, a horse may not be able to make up lost ground if it is sluggish out of the gate. Jumping races had less regulated beginnings, with a tape drawn across the course and then being released.

How We Assess the Leading Horse Racing Betting Websites


In horse racing wagering, it is essential to have confidence in your sportsbook. Each of our suggested websites undergoes a thorough evaluation process. To make the list of the top horse racing betting sites, a sportsbook must excel in each of the following categories:


Variety of Horse Racing Activities

As online horse racing betting is a worldwide phenomena, the events provided must reflect this. A great sportsbook receives high marks from us if it offers markets for international races as well as comprehensive coverage of domestic events.


Variety of Horse Racing Activities

Competitive Odds for Horse Racing

Our reviewers seek for the best horse racing betting odds. The shortlist will only propose betting providers that offer competitive odds across all of their markets. Beyond that, a wide variety of wager kinds is necessary to accommodate every sort of bettor.


Competitive Odds for Horse Racing

Online Entry Form

The best sportsbooks should provide superior racing forms. This should include horse racing betting advice from industry professionals and a thorough examination of the horse’s form. Our mark of approval will only be granted to websites that offer consumers with the most accurate information available.


Online Racing Form Bonuses and Special Offers

From non-runner no bets and guaranteed best odds to extra place conditions and money-back agreements, bonuses and free bets are the defining characteristics of a superb online sportsbook. There are so many potential outcomes in horse races that marketing should be mandatory. This is how a sportsbook may get our highest recommendation.


Promotions and Extras

Mobile Experience

If you wager on horse racing, you must have simple access to an online sports betting account. A sportsbook will only receive our endorsement if the mobile experience is simple and straightforward. Specifically, we’ll be searching for a mobile-optimized website or a cutting-edge betting app.


Mobile Experience Customer Support

Customer service that is kind and helpful is essential for a horse racing betting website. Our team of reviewers will be on the lookout for round-the-clock service via live chat, email, or phone. Only companies with exceptional customer service are worthy of a top 10 position.


Final Rating for Customer Service

If a horse racing betting site does well in each of these categories, it will be included on the shortlist. The review staff continuously updates the ranks displayed on this page to guarantee that the leaderboard is correct.

FAQ about Horse Racing Betting


Where can I obtain news about horse racing?

Visit our horse racing news hub for the most recent racing results, trainer profiles, updates, and more.


How do wagers on horse races work?

Bets on horse racing involve supporting a horse to either win or place. Select a race and horse to wager on to begin. Then, select a wager type and stake before adding the wager on the bet slip.


Where can I place wagers on horse races?

The majority of reputable sportsbooks will provide a vast array of horse racing markets. For the top horse racing betting sites, please refer to the list provided above.


Which wager pays the most?

It is the odds, not the wager type, that determine the size of the payoff. Exotic wagers like as exactas, trifectas, and superfectas can provide substantial payouts. Or, for gamblers in the United Kingdom, massive combination wagers such as Trixies, Yankees, fortunate 15s, and lucky 31s may provide substantial profits from tiny wagers.


What is the greatest method for betting on horse racing?

This is contingent on the sort of gambler you are. Backing the defeated favorite, following the winner, and Dutching are among the most common betting methods.


What horse breed is the fastest?

The quickest racehorses are thoroughbreds. This is because they are particularly bred for track racing. Standardbred, pureblood Arabian, and Anglo-Arabian horses are also prevalent, although their pedigrees lack the speed of thoroughbreds.

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