Historiography of Scott Tom

Absolute Poker co-founder Scott Tom shares many similarities with UltimateBet co-founder Greg Pierson. Both men launched profitable online gaming websites, only to be forced to observe their creations being scandalized and ultimately destroyed. However, while Pierson continues to conduct business openly in the United States, Tom is in exile to avoid prosecution following the Black Friday events.

How did Tom end up in such an unenviable position? Continue reading to discover every piquant detail.

Early childhood

Scott Tom’s adolescence is largely unknown, which suggests that he had a relatively typical upbringing. He graduated from Frenchtown High School after completing his primary education in Frenchtown, Montana.

Scott’s parents divorced when he was small, and his mother later remarried. Her new spouse had his own offspring, one of whom was Brent Beckley. Phil Tom, Scott’s biological father, managed client stock portfolios for a livelihood.

The University Years

Scott Tom matriculated in college at the University of Montana and entered the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity after graduating from high school. He relished his time in college and was anxious for his stepsibling, Brent Beckley, to join him there. In accordance with Beckley,

Beckley eventually gave in and joined his step-brother at the University of Montana, enticed by the prospect of a summer room at the Sigma Alpha Epsilon house for only $500. Beckley enrolled in classes and was duly initiated into the fraternity once the autumn semester began.

Each night of the week, the fraternity brothers would amuse themselves at a different location in Missoula. Stockman’s hosted a weekly $100 freeroll poker tournament on Monday evenings.

While the majority of his fraternity brothers viewed poker night as a mere diversion, Scott Tom’s mind began to work. This was exacerbated by his discovery of online poker and the fact that virtual card rooms collected a small percentage of each hand played (known as “rake”).

Beginnings of Absolute Poker

Scott Tom earned a degree in finance from the University of Montana in 2002. Tom moved into the Seattle basement of his biological father while he decided what to do next. His mind continually returned to those Monday nights at Stockman’s and the allure of online poker, despite the emergence of new ideas.

Tom drafted a business proposal after being suitably motivated. When Tom’s father, Phil, consented to provide financial support, the venture commenced. Several brothers of Sigma Alpha Epsilon, including Pete Barovich, Garin Gustafson, Oscar Hilt Tatum IV, and Shane Blackford, were recruited. Beckley was also involved in the early phases, but Tom insisted that Beckley return to college and complete his degree.

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